Halmari Tea – The Best Tea Factory in Assam

If you are a tea aficionado, then you might be aware that Assam is the birthplace of the Indian tea industry. This Indian state is also the largest tea-producing region in the world. Assam produces substantial tea than any other Indian states, as it holds the largest number of tea gardens and processing companies.

If you talk about leading Tea Manufacturers in Assam, then you might have heard about Halmari Tea Estate. It is one of most of the popular companies not only in Assam but across India. The company enjoys the legacy of more than 100 years of experience and expertise in tea processing. Here, we will talk about why Halmari Tea is considered as the best tea estate in India.

Halmari Tea Produces Blends That Go Well With All Seasons

The company produces quality tea variants. Added to this fact, these blends can be purchased all the year round. Thanks to the online shopping facility, which the company offers to its patrons.

Halmari Tea maintains a wide customer base. After catering to the bulk domestic demand, the company exports its top quality products to the international markets.

Halmari Tea always prioritizes on quality and maintains international food safety protocols. These protocols can only be practiced by top-ranked tea companies in India.

Best Tea Estate in Assam

With more than 100 years of experience in tea processing, Halmari Tea has registered many accomplishments. Highly experienced professional associated with Halmari Tea Estate always pay special attention to the plucking round. The plucking phase is strictly restricted to 5 or 6 days. Such restriction determines the quality of tea.

The company comes with various clones such as S3A3, TV1 and T3E3. It is currently producing P126 clones more than any other company. However, tea varieties produced by Halmari Tea Estate are popular for their unique flavor and bright infusions.

Located in Fertile Plains

Assam is probably the only place in the world, where tea plants grow on plains. The area of Halmari Tea Estate spreads over 534 hectares of land and the ownership of the estate lies with Daga family.

The quality and unique flavor of Halmari Tea blends motivate buyers to participate in auctions. High-profile buyers mostly come from Gujarat. Likewise, top tea trading nations across the world also take part in auction sessions where the representatives bid for the superb quality of tea from the best Tea Factory in Assam.

Maintains Top Standard in Tea Manufacturing

With more than 100 years of legacy, the company always focuses on producing the finest quality of tea by maintaining impeccable industry standards. Halmari Tea produces several tea variants with varying price tags. Around five tea blends that have fetched high prices during auctions belong to Halmari Tea.

Halmari Tea from Assam is widely popular both in domestic and international markets. It’s CTC and Orthodox tea blends are served in most of the prestigious hotels and resorts across the world.

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