Get Summer Second Flush Tea from Halmari’s 2020 Collection for a Cheerful Start to Mornings

Most people around the world cannot think of starting their mornings without a hot cup of tea irrespective of the season. Black tea from Assam is one of the favourite variants of tea lover around the world. But did you know that there are two types of Assam tea? Yes, that’s true. One is harvested during the summer first flush starting from late March till late May; whereas the other is plucked during summer second flush that begins in June.
According to popular opinion, summer second flush tea is of much better quality than the first flush. It can be instantly recognised by its strong aroma, bold colour, and full-bodied, malty flavour. Because of its unique character, summer second flush tea is used in breakfast blends around the world. Summer second flush tea from Assam can also be recognised due to the presence of golden tips for which this variant is also called ‘tippy tea’.

Health Benefits of Summer Second Flush
Apart from its rich and exhilarating flavour that will stimulate your nerves and help you wake up in the mornings, summer second flush tea is also known for its health benefits. Some of the health benefits have been discussed below–

Regulates Blood Sugar Level –

For people who suffer from high blood sugar and diabetes, drinking tea can help them monitor the same. Black tea from Assam is rich in polyphenols which increase insulin secretion in our body. The insulin, in turn, breaks down food to simple sugar which reduces type 2 diabetes.

Facilitates Good Heart Health –

Drinking tea daily helps in reducing the formation of bad cholesterol level (LDL) present in arteries. It also aids in controlling diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Additionally, tea contains antioxidants which reduce chronic inflammation in the heart.

Helps in Improving Gut Health –

Black tea contains antioxidants and essential mineral that facilitate the growth of healthy bacteria that will enhance digestion and metabolism, thereby indirectly promoting weight loss. They also kill disease-causing harmful bacteria present in our stomach and liver.

Improves Immunity –

Summer second flush tea from Assam is rich in antioxidants like catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins. These components fight against free radicals present in our body that causes inflammation and damage to our cells and tissues. By reducing inflammation, tea improves our body’s natural barrier against viral infections like cold and flu. It is the main reason we feel better when drinking tea during flu season.

Types of Assam Tea

Assam tea can be classified into two major types – orthodox and CTC. This Classification is based on the way tea estates manufacture the tea leaves.

Orthodox Blend –

It refers to the traditional method of tea processing, where the tea leaves are rolled delicately by hand. Moreover, every step of tea processing is strictly regulated by tea manufacturers to maintain the quality of tea leaves. It helps in preserving the flavours and aroma of high-quality summer second flush teas. However, this process can be time-consuming since it requires manual labour.

CTC Blend –

It refers to the manufacturing process where the tea leaves are crushed, torn, and curled using a machine. The focus of this procedure is fast production; therefore, minimum manual labour is involved. In this method, the tea is manufactured within hours.

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