Fresh Tea Types to Order from India’s Finest Tea Estates

Looking to purchase finest and fresh tea from the best tea estates in India? For such a task, all you need is to simply opt to shop online. Going through the different types of tea available, you can select your preferences and buy Assam tea online. Nevertheless, the question which lurks in people’s mind is what kind of teas is available if they opt for Assam tea. Well, a number of teas are present for people to choose from and as mentioned above, opting for Assam tea means people will get tea fresh from India’s finest tea estates to your cup.

Have a look at the different types of fresh teas to choose from!

Different Types of Tea Available

When opting for Assam tea, an individual gets the choice of several teas such as:

  • Orthodox

  • CTC

  • Specialty

  • Flavored

  • Luxury and ultra-rear

These are some of the tea types that people can get when opting for fresh and finest product from best tea estates present in India. Take a look at the different tea types available under aforementioned category of teas before opting to buy Assam tea online.

  1. Orthodox Teas

This category includes a combination of the golden tip, orthodox tea and delicately hand-rolled GTGFOP1. The leaves are selective and long along with golden chunky buds sprinkled. It is exclusively created during the second flush season only. People can add spice to make it interesting every day. Under orthodox teas, also falls gold orthodox, which is a superb blend of orthodox clonal leaves deeply rolled to perfection along with a golden tips sprinkled over it. When brewed it gives a dark reddish/brown hew with rich flavor that is ideal during breakfast.

  1. CTC Teas

CTC Blend, English Breakfast tea, etc. are certain types that falls under this group. These are ideal for people who want to drink tea with milk as well as in liquor form. Tea mentioned here are just a few varieties that can blend well with milk; one doesn’t have to worry about losing any flavor or goodness of these black teas. Opting to buy Assam tea online will help you get the finest and fresh product from India’s finest tea estates that can be used as black tea or milk tea form.

  1. Specialty Teas

Hand-rolled White, Green, and Oolong tea is what you need if you are looking for specialty teas that would offer burst of flavor and aroma along with several health benefits. These tea types contain high form of anti-oxidants that is ideal for quality skin and hair. One of the most sold products under specialty teas is hand-rolled Oolong and White tea. Oolong tea gives a dark color when brewed adequately and offers a honey sweetness flavor to it, whereas the white tea offers a light color when brewed long with a delicate taste that soothes all senses.

  1. Flavored Options

Under flavored comes numerous options for people to choose such as Masala Chai, Earl Grey, Lemon tea, Chamomile and more. Unique flavor with every brew is what these teas have to offer. Among these, one of the most sold is Masala Chai that is a favorite of most people looking to enjoy flavor of spices with every sip. This black tea is sprinkled with ginger, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom to make it offer a mesmerizing aroma along with a burst of flavor which makes it stand apart from the rest of the teas. However, unique flavor is also available for people looking to purchase Earl Grey or lemon tea too.

  1. Luxury Teas

These luxury teas are Silver Needle White tea leaf and Golden Tips mean Orthodox Ultra-fine tea blended with 22K Gold. These are popular globally and offer a subtle flavor along with a refreshing and smooth feeling. These are the types of teas that you can get when you buy Assam Tea online. There is no better option for you if you are looking to acquire products of fresh tea from India’s finest tea estates to your beverage cup. Hence, shop now immediately to enjoy perfect brew every day!

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