Benefits of Buying Loose Tea Leaf from Tea Stores Online this Monsoon!

Loose tea leaves contain enough space for the leaves to absorb water and swells up when it is infused. It lets water to move through leaves and also helps to take out vitamins, minerals, fragrances, and flavors from the loose leaves. These flavors are specially enhanced during the monsoon season due to the change in temperature and moisture content of the atmosphere.

If you did not get the taste of this tea flavor in monsoon season, it’s time to do so! To know the benefits it brings to a tea-lover, you should find out more about the components of this tea. However, you need to know some elements before buying the product.

You must select the right supplier to taste its magic! 

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There are some essential benefits you need to know while purchasing from tea stores online. Hence, these are some points that you need to keep in mind for buying best loose tea leaves online during monsoon.


The loose leaves used in tea bags are mixed. It takes away a lot of flavors, and it is not unusual for companies to add additives and artificial essences.

During the rainy season, monsoon drizzle is imbibed in the smell of the wet earth. It is infused with olfactory enhancer in the form of tea leaves and comes off as a perfect combination to tingle your taste buds.

The essence that comes from a teabag tends to be more light-colored in contrast to a loose-leaf. Loose tea leaves that come from the tea stores online thus provide enriched flavor, essence and mellow taste.


Loose tea leaf is used in tea bags as the leaves are diced into smaller fragments to fit into teabags. It expands ultimately and bursts out all its original flavors. The loose tea leaves have essential oils as compared to diced tea leaves, improving the taste of loose tea. The effect of monsoon further works up to give them added flavors. These loose tea leaves are readily available in tea stores online.

Health Benefits

Loose tea leaf helps to increase your immune system, lowers down blood pressure and increases concentration because loose tea has antioxidants and phytochemicals that are found in a tea leaf. It consists of a wide range of nutrients and vitamins.

During monsoon, these benefits are only enhanced as the season also brings a change in the flavors and nutrition level of tea leaves. You may get the blended monsoon flavors of your favorite cuppa on online stores.

Loose tea leaf is much fresher than teabags, and it does not involve an automatic freshness. Loose-leaf teas give you an ultimate flavor, essence, enriched with antioxidants, especially during monsoon.

So, enjoy a hot cuppa of your favorite brew ordered online while the rain drizzles outside during monsoon!

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