6 healing teas to relieve stress and anxiety

With increased work pressure, comes increased stress and anxiety. But this is how life functions and it is only evident that the hustling continues to achieve what is best. Tea is something that people have always preferred for its several healing advantages. Tackling the everyday hustle and bustle of work and life can be only done if there is a dedicated amount of time for relaxation of the mind. A worked-up mind can only mess things leading to a longer course of work before reaching completion. The type of healing herbal teas we choose to drink for detoxifying ourselves plays a large role in determining how we would function as soon as the relaxed state of mind hits on to generate productivity. 


The presence of L-theanine in healing herbal teas is the pivotal factor behind it acting as a perfect drink for detoxification. It is an amino acid that helps in balancing mood and stress levels for better performance outcomes. Further on, Healing teas contain several useful ingredients that come in handy for the tranquillization of the mind and the reduction of stress. 


The 6 herbal teas you can resort to for a quick session of relaxation and upliftment include:

Chamomile Tea

Made from exclusively collected and dried Chamomile flowers, Chamomile tea is a highly preferred tea for anxiety. Chamomile has been recommended by several doctors and therapists who do so thanks to its ability to increase serotonin levels in the body. As it is, Chamomile acts as a natural SSRI to ensure that the Serotonin reaches your brain, and exercises its soothing effects. Further, Chamomile is also recommended for its power to increase the levels of Melatonin in the blood without letting the drinker get bouts of drowsiness. 

Lavender Tea

Lavender tea also has similar properties of soothing and relaxing stressed minds. It is a refreshing tea for anxiety that contains a bundle of antioxidants meant to soothe tensed minds and anxious hearts. It is the dried-up buds of the lavender flower that do the magic, which even includes warding off ugly headaches. An additional benefit, of course, is the signature fragrance of lavender exercising its effect mildly but with utmost perfection.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is an excellent solution for drinkers prone to spasms. A pinch of Peppermint in your tea does wonders in terms of reducing inflammations and healing body aches as such. It can become a detox routine after a tiring day in the evening or even in the afternoon to tackle the post-work stress. Among all other healing teas, Peppermint tea is a perfect solution for increased tension, headaches and even sudden bouts of anxiety. It is a preferred drink for feeling calm while relieving oneself from overwhelm by getting a natural boost of energy. 

Hibiscus Rose Tea

Hibiscus Rose tea is a perfect drink for those looking for one with enough antioxidants as well as phytonutrients. Hibiscus-rose or rosehips make what we could easily deem as calming and rejuvenating tea. This healing tea is a natural balm for all headaches as well as a stressbuster much needed by people loaded with work stress. Hibiscus rose tea is also rich in vitamin C and helps in boosting immunity along with acting as a perfect rejuvenator.

Valerian Tea

Valerian tea is an excellent solution for those who suffer from sleeplessness induced by anxiety. It is the root of valerian that is dried up, for it acts as a perfect herbal remedy for insomnia and anxiety. Research has further found that valerian tea also reduces stress in women undergoing complex medical procedures without significant side effects as such. It is also remedial for headaches and sudden palpitations. 

Green Tea

Of course, we could not have missed in this list the top preference of health and fitness enthusiasts. Green tea is high in the L-theanine amino acid which acts as a perfect buster for sudden bouts of stress. Consumption of green tea regularly is not just good for health physically but also mentally. This is because regular drinkers have significantly reduced stress levels as compared to non-drinkers. 


These are just the best six of several healing teas that you can turn to for a drink of absolute relaxation and refreshment. However, it is always wise to study the effects and side effects of any drink before including the same in your daily routine of detoxification.

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