5 Unique Tea Party Ideas to Brighten Up Your Afternoon Plans

An afternoon tea party may sound like a posh affair, but it is neither too expensive nor very difficult to host a tea party fit for the Queen, right in our living room. Here is a compilation of a few fresh tea party ideas:

  1. Floral Themed Tea Parties –

With a plethora of flower teas to choose from, a floral themed tea party has to be a top mention. To plan this party, we would suggest buying floral patterned, ornate chinaware or a clear tea set to enhance the party aesthetic. Complete with pastel-coloured, printed or embroidered doilies and table cloths, the setting could resemble a Victorian era parlour room. Some excellent accompaniments to go with the floral teas would be strawberry shortcake, freshly baked biscuits, English scones, fruit scones and fairy cupcakes. The most popular flower teas that can be offered in this party theme are:

  • Rose Tea –

Rose petals or rose buds are used to make rose tea. It contains various different Vitamins, Vitamin C in particular, which helps to resist aging.

  • Jasmine Flower Tea –

It is famous for its fresh, long-lasting fragrance, mellow taste, and bright green-yellow brew. It comforts the stomach and liver, smoothens intestinal tract, eases the nervous system and adjusts hormone secretion.

  • Honeysuckle Tea –

It’s a good drink for hot summer days and can help detox the body.

  • Lavender Tea –

This is a fragrant tea that helps soothe nerves, relieve eye strain and get a good night’s sleep.

  • Chamomile Tea –

This is loaded with anti-oxidants that aid in sleep, digestion and much more.

  • Hibiscus Tea –

This crimson coloured tea can be consumed both hot and iced. It aids in treatment of high blood pressure.

  1. Royal Themed Tea Parties –

To put expensive, ornate golden rimmed tea sets to proper use, a Royal themed tea soiree could be thrown. With an apparel code of formal evening wear and jewellery, the teas to serve here would be the Queen’s favourites :

  • Earl Grey

  • Darjeeling Tea

  • Oolong Tea

  1. Spring-Summer Themed Tea Parties –

This could be a fun new party theme with a bright peppy colour scheme of orange, yellow, fuchsia, purple, pink and red. The food accompaniments could be brightly coloured macaroons, cheesecake with raspberry filling, chocolate éclairs, cupcakes with colourful frosting and fruit compote. The summer tea to serve at this party would be :

  • Wild Strawberry Tea

  • Peach and Orange Tea

  • Pineapple and Lychee tea

  • Blackcurrant and Blueberry Tea

  • Spiced Ginger Tea

  • Chamomile, Honey and Vanilla Tea

  • Raspberry and Lemon Tea

  1. BYOBG Tea Parties –

Bring your own baked goods” themed tea parties can be a fun, picnic-style party where guests bring their best home-made baked goods like cookies, cupcakes, scones, tarts, pastries, tea cakes and home-made biscuits. These teas to serve for tea party would be the ones that go well with milk:

  • Black Tea

  • Southern Sweet Tea

  • Masala Chai

  • Bubble Tea

  1. Vintage Themed Tea Parties –

This could be a collector’s style extravaganza for the ultra-refined. The setting for this would be sleek and minimalistic, with the star of the show being authentic vintage Japanese or Chinese tea sets of yore. The teas to serve would be:

  • Da-Hong Pao Tea

  • Tieguanyin Tea

  • White Tea

  • Darjeeling Tea (finest blend)

The afternoon tea party rose to be a feature of great houses in the Edwardian and Victorian ages in Great Britain. These party themes can help rekindle the magic of the ages gone by, by adding modern flair to the classic tea party. And any excuse for an afternoon of fun and games with family or friends is always a good idea.

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